Packages and closures for packaging

We'd like to invite you to our stand at the Cosmopack trade fair in Bologna!

On 21-23 March, we'd like to invite you to our stand at the Cosmopack trade fair in Bologna!
Displaying our offer at international trade fairs on the markets to which we deliver our products on an everyday basis is particularly important. It gives us an opportunity to present the whole offer of cosmetic packaging, closures for packaging and the additional services we provide. First of all, however, it’s a unique chance to meet the clients we cooperate with and establish new contacts.

We know perfectly well that the European markets are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to cosmetic packaging. On one hand, safety and esthetics of packaging need to be at the top level, and, on the other hand, the legislative turbulence motivates us to keep updating the offer and adjusting it to even better standards.
The cosmetic market isn’t limited to packaging, as cosmetic manufacturers face difficult requirements they need to meet concerning ingredients, content of preservatives and formulations.
Those companies become more and more burdened with regulations, but also consumers’ expectations. It may be burdensome, in particular for small and medium-sized companies whose staff isn’t excessively large.
Addressing those limitations, we are expanding our offer!  
We are able to deliver complete cosmetic packaging to the client, without burdening it with contacts with numerous sub-suppliers and service providers.
The projects we’ve implemented so far will be presented at the Cosmopack in Bologna!

Dyed elements, adjusting the tube length and printed elements are the key services that we’ll present to the trade fair visitors.

During the COSMOPACK trade fair, we’ll present our possibilities of printing on Airless packaging and on glass bottles in the screen printing, spraying, as well as hot and cold stamping techniques.

What will be a premiere of this trade fair is the effect of the cooperation with a label printing house which specializes in unique projects and even customization of single print-outs thanks to using digital printing – getting to know and understanding its virtually unlimited possibilities.
Labels on airless bottles will be just a fragment of the whole range of the possibilities of this technology, but in combination with our packaging they will provide the visitors with an opportunity to see how effective seemingly ordinary solutions can be!

Packaging revolution in Europe

Soon cosmetic packaging will be subject to the provisions of the PPWR regulation, which will significantly limit the amount of the material used and its types, which is why it’s worth becoming familiar with the offer of simple construction packaging as early as now, making it stand out with a printing element reducing the waste amount or with a thinner label!
The drugstore shelf is a place where a product must attract the consumer's attention, which is why it’s so important to use decorative elements, new label customization technologies or its hidden VR possibilities.
Starting the cooperation with a partner who understands the needs of cosmetic companies is definitely a recipe for the success of the final product.