Packages and closures for packaging



According to the Internet wisdom “simple solutions are the simplest”. We truly believe it and our offer reflects it. We care for our customers, hence instead of complicating their decision-making process, we try to simplify it. Sometimes less is more and a narrow selection of the finest products is the key to success. Our long experience and sales analysis show that three types of bottle caps for white cosmetics and detergents are enough.

Disc tops always on TOP

Disc tops are perfect for cosmetic products – make-up removers, face milk, toners, as well as lotions, shampoos and hair conditioners. These closures are not only elegant, but also practical. They are opened in a single motion and there’s also no risk of losing any elements and leaving the bottle open.
Not only cosmetics for humans like to be closed – those for animals and cars want caps too!
Our caps are as always available in many colours and different finishings, boosting the packaging with style and elegance. One of our disc top models is available with a bamboo wood element which is perfect for vegan and eco-products and serve as decorative packaging.

Push (and) pull

Push pull caps are mainly associated with dishwashing liquids. They can stay open and are always ready to use without  unnecessary hustle and bustle. Although our customers tried to use them in professional hair care cosmetics, car products or ironing water, push pull cap solution is applied almost only in dishwashing liquids.
Our offer includes classic push pull caps which are available in any colour, just as all Polpak products. Simple caps in classic shapes, once imaginatively coloured, can become a signature element of your product.

Flip (the) top

The previous two types of caps are best for cosmetics or detergents, but flip tops are more universal and great for both groups of products. Flip tops can close chic bottles with micellar liquids, body lotions or other cosmetics for daily hygiene and skin hydration.
They are also popular in pharmaceutical, veterinary and car care products. Conclusion? It doesn’t matter what’s inside the bottle – flip top caps guarantee aesthetic look and comfort of use.

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