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Travel Packaging – colourful madness perfect for your luggage

We should always plan our holiday trips ahead. Not only our destination, but also items that we want to take with us!
We always try to keep our luggage to minimum. It is often caused by the baggage weight and size limitations imposed on us by the airlines, but not only. The thought of carrying heavy bags motivates us to compress our vacation kits.
Whatever the reasons, it is difficult to leave behind your favourite cosmetics or products  necessary for our journey destination - sunscreens, after-sun lotions or soothing shower gels sometimes are a must.
Cosmetic products in their standard packaging are generally designed to be used in a home environment for a longer period of time. Their large sized packaging not only takes a lot of space, but also increases the weight of our luggage.
Our offer includes silicone packaging designed especially for such occasions!
Wouldn't it be a wonderful idea to offer our customers a full line of their favourite cosmetics in convenient compact sizes? The charming colours of our packaging perfectly blend in with the holiday, casual mood.
Seemingly ordinary "tubes" hide additional functions that our customers will love – you can unscrew them, refill and select the name of the cosmetic that is put inside them. Suction cup which is an integral part of selected models is a real game changer. It’s a small detail that will help maintain hygiene in a hotel bathroom. You “stick” the shower gel to the wall and avoid dropping the bottle under your feet! Isn't it brilliant?!
The capacities of our travel size packaging prove their key mission - from 37 up to 98 ml! That’s exactly the amount of cosmetic that will last for a two-week vacation!
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