Packages and closures for packaging

Thrilling record in the difficult year!

We are closing 2020 with record sales – in the second part of December we hit 100 million sold products!
In “normal” circumstances we would open champagne and celebrate! Today we feel we rose to the challenge and completed the mission, which truly surprised us.
In order to break this record we had to face enormous new challenges, about which we regularly informed you. We wish we could soon forget about them, however, we have learned our lesson and will always keep it in mind.
Today we know a lot more about ourselves in terms of our company and people we work with. We have become the real team – for better (which we always knew), but also for worse.

This year, more than ever before, we could feel great support from our Customers.  We realised we cooperate with people who are not only responsible for their own businesses, but also express corporate societal concern. We had to hold honest discussions, often very difficult, as well as reach compromises as to what it necessary and what is currently manageable. These talks were not purely business negotiations but attempts to build alliances in order to face obstacles as a team. This time has brought us closer together simply as people.

This year’s sales prove we passed the exam with flying colours, even though we hadn’t even planned to take it, not to mention the fact that we hadn’t been prepared for it.

We are glad to announce we won the 2020 battle!
In these past months we realised our products not only play an important role in the healthcare system, but also save lives. With the world still plagued by the pandemic, our dispensers, sprayers and caps are present at homes, schools, offices, but most of all hospitals where they facilitate work and relatively normal lives! By making it possible for hectolitres of disinfectant gels and liquids to be smoothly pumped, we contributed to the fight with the virus!
This sense of the importance of our mission has been with us since the beginning of the year, and is still there.

However, we wish our products would once again serve their previous, “normal” purposes. We want them to be used for creams, soaps, lotions or lovely perfumes, we want them to help people clean and ease everyday chores, instead of being used for tasks forced by the grim pandemic reality.
And that’s exactly what we wish you, our Customers and ourselves!
May the New Year bring us joyful records and opportunity to celebrate them without a trace of sorrow!