Packages and closures for packaging

Three products which closed with a mini trigger will win your client’s heart!

When planning packaging from the area involving the cosmetics and detergent industries, it’s important to highlight the features that are most relevant to the client.
There are a lot of products which are, to some extent, both a detergent and cosmetic at the same time.
They should be dispensed as a detergent, e,g, their spray should be nice.
But their appearance should be delicate and subtle, as in the case of a cosmetic.

Air fresheners are examples of products from this category. They are neither cleaning substances, nor cosmetics. They aren’t hidden in a bathroom or kitchen cabinet, but don’t stand in the foreground like for example perfumes. At the same time, they are in a visible and easily accessible place in the apartment, so their appearance should be pleasing to the eye, and promise what the manufacturer guarantees – refreshment, a nice smell and absorption of unpleasant odors.

Consequently, the packaging should strengthen that promise, and we should get inspired with the world of perfumes, choose daring colors, a distinctive label, as well as practical and reliable closure.

Another product group where mini triggers work well is car cosmetics.
A bit of cosmetics and a bit of detergents again!
Waxes, liquids that clean leather or wooden elements of the car's interior or preparations for the increasingly popular detailing require a closure whose appearance adds elegance to this care.
Taking care of the car may take many forms: a quick wash once a quarter, a wash and vacuum cleaning once a month, or be a true passion, a leisure activity or an end in itself!
In the last case, each detail is important, such as the quality of products, appearance of bottles, handiness of closures and adjusting the dispensing to a specific product.
If the focus is on small wooden parts of the dashboard, the dosage of the product must be relatively small, easy to control by releasing the trigger or pressing it again.
If the maintenance and cleaning work is focused on small elements, e.g. door upholstery, we should dispense the the detergent with full control, making sure the mist is perfect. Enthusiasts don’t disregard the fact what their cleaning accessories look on the shelf in the garage. Haphazardness is an eyesore, especially if harmony and order are the goal.
Product lines should be consistent and please the eye, if they are placed next to each other. Products intended, for example, for cleaning small areas – in the same bottles, with the same closure, and what makes them different is just the labels? We don't need to look at it to know that it looks good.
Crowned with a white mini trigger that even if it gets dirty during the work, it can be wiped off will be the crowning glory of satisfying work... Sounds great!

Cosmetics for children are another interesting part of the industry.
Their packaging is quite a challenge, as their application is sometimes dynamic!
Screams and cries when hair is being combed out or even just at the suggestion of using conditioner that will act as an anesthetic. Resistance often turns into escape....  
The parent's determination to achieve the goal of applying conditioner and combing out the hair and the child's determination to achieve the goal of not letting the parent touch the hair!
Taking the parent's side, we want to equip them with the weapons to win that struggle!
Mini triggers – a small dosage, so if the parent misses the shock of hair, only a little amount of the product will be lost. A nice spray, so if they hit it, the area affected is quite big!
There's also a chance that after a few such battles our child will convince themselves that the conditioner works, combing hair doesn't have to be painful, and spraying the head with the product is fun.
Here again we are winking at the parents, as the mini trigger has a lock thanks to which the cosmetic will not be used up at once, on yourself or on the cat.....

Selection of the closure isn’t limited to the manner in which the product is dispensed.
Getting to know the client as well as their habits and needs allows us to put into their hands exactly what they need, when they may not yet know that they need it.

Mini triggers are one of our most popular closures, which is why we have them on stock and they are immediately available!
White, black, transparent with 24/410 thread!
If your mini trigger should have a different color, let us know, and we’ll prepare a customized offer!