Packages and closures for packaging

The unwavering interest in hair cosmetics has encouraged us to expand our offer!

Hair is one of the attributes of healthy appearance which both women and men want to boats of.
Cosmetic companies have understood this need, and we understand that the most effective cosmetic must be enclosed in handy, safe and convenient packaging, which is why we've decided to introduce a new product to our range.
The cone-shaped cap with an additional safety feature is a perfect applicator for scalp rub-on products, conditioners and scrubs. If, consequently, the cosmetic is expected to end up among hair, that cap will be a great idea.
Our new product is also a proposal for producers of lamellar water, whose thin consistency and recommended method of application require a closure with a small opening, which allows, on the one hand, controlling the amount of liquid and, on the other hand, spreading it evenly throughout the length of the hair.

The cap is also recommended for use in professional cosmetics used in hair salons.  Thanks to our cap, the recently popular hair toner, which is a great complement to professional hair coloring or refreshing hair color, will be much more convenient to apply.
The cone-shaped cap becomes another product in our range which complements other products for hair cosmetics.
For rub-on products, we recommend a mist sprayer with an extended nozzle, for shampoos and conditioners lotion pumps and classic disc-top caps, while mini triggers are recommended for leave-in conditioners and heat-protection products.

Our products can be ordered in any color, and thus create a unique series with a characteristic sign in the form of a closure in an unusual color.
The classic black or white or maybe one from the virtually unlimited Pantone palette?
The choice can affect sales success, because standing out in a drugstore – a stationary or online one – must take fractions of a second these days!
Usually customers choose with their eyes, but if they’ve met the product online and read about its qualities, it's worth giving it a feature so that they know it was it in the drugstore!

Do get in touch with us regarding the new products and our full product offer!