Packages and closures for packaging

Spring new products

Each spring we try to introduce new products that are the most sought-after by our clients.
This year's expansion may seem really modest, but it’s motivated by a huge number of inquiries, to which we will finally say YES!

Corrugated and aluminum droppers with the 20/410 thread size!
Up to now, our clients have had at their disposal:
corrugated: 18/410, 18/415, 18/410 CRC and aluminum ones: 18/410, 18/415.

A small change, big impact!
Droppers, together with glass or plastic bottles, have been an unquestionable hit of the last years.

Cosmetics manufacturers who offer products in this type of packaging try to make it stand out, and add variety to it. The diameter of the bottle's threads, and, consequently, of the dropper, is one of such attempts.

We’ve offered dyed droppers and glass bottles for a long time, and today, extending our dropper offer, we propose a complete product range!

The change applies to products “on special order”.

Our regular offer features the remaining classic products:
black, corrugated, CRC and two aluminum ones: black/golden and silver/white. Their thread is 18/410.

Do get in touch with us, to acquaint yourselves with our whole offer!