Packages and closures for packaging

Spring flourishes in our offer

Following trends, and even setting new ones, we try to surprise our clients with new products every now and then!
This year, those who visited us during the Cosmoprof trade fair in Bologna were impressed by the new products on our offer.

Out-of the-ordinary airless packaging
Airless bottles are  perfect packaging for various types of creams, foundations, as well as body and hair cosmetics. They are offered in various capacities and colors, and so far have been available in repetitive and predictable shapes, i.e. with a circle or square as the base.
What's new in our offer and in the world or airless packaging in general is the model with an oval as the base and a cylindrical cap.
At the beginning of June, we are going to present them in Munich at the CosmeticBusiness trade fair, whereas in Poland we are going to show them as late as on 22-23 June 2022 at the PCI Days trade fair at EXPO XXI, so today we’d like to present them at least in pictures. Naturally, they don’t render the entire charm of the new airless bottles, as you won't be able to feel their structure, which resembles a delicate soft touch.
The colors are limited by the Pantone book of colors – we’ve provisionally chosen light deep blue
Our offer features models which have become fashionable recently, so it’s worth paying attention to them while planning cosmetic packaging.  They include: AB 1035-01, AB 1211-01, AB 1302-01 and JB 1555-01.
The latter are a combination of a jar with airless packaging, which is a perfect solution when creams are mixed with an additional ingredient, for example serum. A portion of cream can be placed on a plate, the selected serum can be added to it, and thus a more nutritious dosage of the cosmetic can be created. It’s recommended to brands which have such cosmetics in one line, and want to offer a few application options to their clients. Serum and cream separately or combined in one mass, and the client takes the decision on how many drops of serum will enrich the cream.

Pastel trends in dyeing
When it comes to dyeing, the hearts of our guests were stolen by pastels. What proved to be a genuine hit was droppers and glass bottles in pastel colors with a matt finish
Going to the trade fair, we supposed it could be a hit, but the number of positive reactions surprised even us!
Droppers take both drug stores’ shelves as well as Tik-Tok videos and Instagram reels by storm. Manufacturers are happy to close not only acids and nourishing serums with them. Today they also include emulsions with thin consistency, hair oils and scalp rub-on products. Almost every brand wants to have a product in a dropper! Until recently, the elegant and pharmacy-like appearance added an element of exclusivity, and today, thanks to daring colors, it can suit modern and active lines of cosmetics.
If you have an idea how to supplement your series with a cosmetic in a dropper, let us know! We’ll propose a perfect solution!
Versatile mist sprayers (M 607-01 and M 605-02) presented in pastel colors gained freshness and a completely new look.
The reactions to the colors confirmed the marketing theories according to which consumers buy with their eyes. Noticing our proposals, the buyers could already imagine their own products on store shelves. Enchanting a seemingly ordinary product with a color adds magic to it. That's what those who visited us experienced!

Enrichments which inspire

Not only colors, but also enrichments could catch the visitors’ eye.
Gold, which is never out of fashion, used as. for example, a feature in a lotion pump or the entire packaging, demonstrates chic, class, as well as courage in communication.
Other metals, not necessarily noble ones, can also give an unusual character to the packaging. What can be a perfect example is brushed aluminum, which thanks to its texture has an unusually raw look. Airless packaging which has a simple shape becomes an aluminum accessory for, for instance, barber cosmetics.
Strong, electrifying features in seemingly everyday closures will add a sparkle to them. It proves the thesis according to which a small change can work wonders.
A pearl or powdered roses are classics both in jewelry, nature and cosmetics. If we want to add lightness, environmental elements and style to the product offered, such colors are definitely worth using.

We’d like to invite you to our new trade fair stands!

You will be able to see all above-mentioned products and colors soon!
On 1-2 June 2022 in Munich, during the CosmeticBusiness, and In Warsaw at the PCI Days trade fair, which will be held on 22-23 June 2022.
See you there!