Packages and closures for packaging

So little is needed to reveal beauty.

The cosmetics industry has been one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors in recent years. Cut-throat competition and changing consumer trends and preferences all require immediate reactions from producers and the tweaking of products to meet current market expectations. Below you’ll find some information about the direction in which the packaging industry will go in 2019, and what will be fashionable and desired by consumers.

By far the strongest trend - not only in the cosmetics and chemical industries - has been the green trend. In the face of threats to our natural environment directly resulting from human activities, the subject of environmental protection has come to the forefront. The packaging industry will definitely strive to reduce the use of plastics and use biodegradable materials or those that can be recycled. This is a huge challenge for an industry where the quality of products depends, to a large extent, on the selection of the right packaging, and of course the packaging fulfils a number of functions. Nevertheless, work in this area is already underway in many companies and 2019 will certainly be yet another in which we will see the speedy development of these activities.

The green trend is strongly connected with one for minimalism. Minimalism has been on everyone’s lips for several years, but at this moment in time the statement "less is more" has taken on a special meaning. Fewer bizarre twists, ornaments and refinements mean less energy is expended during production, fewer materials - including plastics - are used, and all this means less pollution of the environment. In design, simple geometric shapes in solid colours reign supreme, with a minimum of information on the packaging. An ascetic style of packaging definitely reflects premium quality in 2019.

In the spirit of minimalism there is a choice of one main colour for the packaging as a whole; it does not have to be just white or black, but what’s certain is that multicoloured graphics and collages will not be fashionable this year. Perhaps Living Coral - chosen by Pantone  as colour of the year - will be an interesting hue: it is an extremely vivid and joyful combination of a coral shade with a hint of gold. It’s a colour imbued with energy, but at the same time remaining gentle and pleasing to the eye. Living Coral, in accordance with Pantone’s philosophy, carries a specific message, this year closely related to protecting the environment - mainly the oceans and their coral reefs threatened with extinction.

Another interesting phenomenon that has arisen in the cosmetics industry is the development of prosumer movements. Getting consumers involved not only in the promotion of products, but also by allowing them to decide on the appearance of the packaging or fragrance composition, is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to such activities, average customers feel they have a say and are participating in a large commercial project.

The above examples are just a fraction of what we will look at in the packaging industry in the coming months. Tendencies in the market and its rapid development will certainly not disappoint consumers' expectations and we can expect a whole host of interesting ideas.

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