Packages and closures for packaging

Reducing device for the bottle!

A small great thing!
The popularity of droppers is still on the rise!
Clients are outdoing one another when it comes to the number of options implemented in terms of colors, capacities, enrichments and printed elements.
We are proud that thanks to us really beautiful things can be found on the whole Europe's markets.
We recommend a small element to be inserted inside our sets, for which consumers will be grateful to us.

The reducing device inserted into the bottle neck perfectly adheres to the glass tube, cleaning it while the cosmetic is being taken out. Thanks to it, the consumer genuinely controls the amount of the cosmetic used – she applies what's inside the tube, rather than what’s on its outer walls.

Today's cosmetics have ever-increasing concentrations. Clients receive not only those typical drugstore products, which shouldn't do anyone any harm, but also those distributed by beauty salons or aesthetic medicine practices – with the recommendation to continue the professional therapy they've started.
If we use hyaluronic acid, and a drop of it drips, in an uncontrolled way, on the skin of the hand and remains there even for a long time, it won’t do any harm to anyone. However, if it’s retinol with high concentration or glycolic acid, the application should be safe, repeatable and reliable.
We fulfill certain orders for glass bottles for really small capacities. It would be a pity, if the consumer wasn’t able to take advantage of the entire cosmetic in an informed and controlled manner, and precious drops dripped from the tube after it’s taken out of the bottle.
The reducing device proposed perfectly fits the 18/410 thread.