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Really BIG dosage!

Our offer is rich in products that are used in cosmetics or household detergents.  
However, there are such nooks and crannies in our catalog that only a few look into, and maybe it's time to show off a pump with a really BIG DOSAGE to a wider audience!
It's a pump that you won't see in the shower, we won't use it to dispense gel, shampoo or even balm... Although its design offers exactly the same operation, its main feature is a really big dosage of 27 ml!
It's a pump for special tasks!

The pump has been used by the food and catering industry for years!
Few of our products can be used in that industry, but this one works great.
It’s used for dispensing sauces for hot-dogs or hamburgers at fast food joints, at petrol stations or at the back of big restaurants. These closures are practical, hygienic, and allow controlling the dosage by letting the pump go when the person who is preparing food decides so.
Our pump is also used for adding juice to beer, which is popular in Poland.
As for alcohols, a big-dosage pump is more and more often used for strong liquors stored in large capacity containers,  as pouring them from a container would be uncomfortable. Thanks to our pump, you can quickly fill guests’ empty glasses.

Helper with dispensing from a canister!

Big dosage pumps and other products from our offer work very well with cleaning preparations.
Manufacturers of specialized cleaning products, supplying them to hospitals, public buildings, office buildings or shopping malls, attach pumps with a big dosage to canisters.
In such a case, our closure performs two important tasks. On one hand, it makes it easy to pour liquid – without the need to lug a heavy canister – into a bucket of water or smaller bottles. On the other hand, it supports the person who does the cleaning in dispensing the right dosage of the concentrate. When describing on the label the proportions in which the preparation has to be diluted in water, manufacturers often indicate the number of 'pumps' per liter of water.
It allows you to prepare a detergent-water solution that is perfect in its proportions, without worrying that you will use too much detergent and damage the surfaces you are cleaning or that its consumption will become uneconomical.

Do get in touch with us, and we’ll be pleased to present the details of our product offer.

BIG dosage