Packages and closures for packaging

Printed elements on airless bottles in the Polpak Packaging's offer!

Creating dream product packaging that will meet the eco-design requirements is a very difficult task.
On one hand, brand owners and packaging designers spare no effort to make sure their product stands out among the competition, and, on the other hand, they feel obliged to protect the environment and want to keep their products within the eco trend.

One of the eco-design principles is to avoid excessive packaging. This slogan is also understood as resignation from those parts of the packaging that, for example, may reduce the likelihood of recycling of the whole packaging, make it toxic for the environment during the manufacturing process or when it's landfilled, and, first and foremost, what's taken into account here is the fact that after getting rid of an excessive element, the whole packaging still plays its crucial role, which is of overriding importance.
What is, therefore, important is the work with the packaging and its tasks that appear at the various stages of the product life cycle.

What may be one of the simplifications in the packaging’s content is to avoid the label, which we propose to our clients who order airless packaging.
Choosing such a solution, the client can be sure that its product corresponds to its image in terms of color and marketing aspects. The printed element may not only include marketing information, but also data about the ingredients, way of use and manufacturer's details.
The technical possibilities of using a printed element also allow the product to be customized in terms of the market to which the individual batches are exported.