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Polyolefin shrink films in our offer

Polpak Packaging offers polyolefin shrink films!

As cosmetic packaging and closures supplier we are a part of Polpak Sp. z o.o. Depending on different industry branches, the company is known for various products and services. Over thirty years ago the department of packaging machines production had been developed, then the department of cosmetic packaging and closures, as well as the department of polyolefin heart shrink films.
For years these three company divisions have been independently building their market position and becoming successful in their industry fields.
Following the development of the shrink films department, we had to introduce some systemic upgrades which have been proposed by the Polpak Packaging department.

As part of the company’s restructure the shrink films department has merged with the packaging department.

The benefits of the synergy will be enormous. Now the Polpak Packaging offer, which is mainly aimed at cosmetic and detergent industry, will include heat shrink film – it will be a hit. Moreover, the experienced team members from the shrink film department who know food or industry branches, will help us reach almost all manufacturing and service economy branches.

Beneficial trust
Our great asset that we laboriously work for every day is our customers’ trust. We are certain that if we offer them new solutions under the brand name of Polpak Packaging, we will be able to offer even more, still reliably and on the highest level.

We will soon inform you about the details of our new offer!