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Polpak among the “Forbes’ Diamonds 2022” winners

Modesty is our second name, just after reliability!
Today, our reliability has been appreciated, so we have to overcome modesty and loudly as well as proudly say:
We are one of the “Forbes’ Diamonds 2022” winners!
We should mention that it isn’t a honorary title. It’s been awarded on the basis of the analysis of our results in the years 2016-2020. The financial results, value of assets, history and payment reliability, as well as the lack of negative legal events were assessed high enough to give us a place among the best Polish companies.

We are particularly proud of the fact that the positive results of the examination of our achievements took place during the difficult pandemic period.
Our development and keeping a very high standard wouldn’t be possible without our clients. It’s the best opportunity to express appreciation. We cooperate with companies from Poland and the entire Europe which are reliable, responsible and focused on the top quality products and services. Thanks to it, we can be sure that our strength, as part of the chain of cooperation, is made stronger with the strength of our sub-suppliers and clients. Achieving success in the company of fantastic people, even in difficult market conditions, becomes possible. Optimism and, at the same time, composure which have been characteristic of entrepreneurs over the recent years allow us to celebrate such events as “Forbes’ Diamonds 2022”.

Every day we are obliged to provide our clients with top quality services. Now, additionally, joining the companies awarded by Forbes is extremely motivating for us, and even makes us, somehow, obliged to maintain our results at the level that we have imposed on ourselves.