Packages and closures for packaging

Pantone Color Institute colours of 2021: Ultimate Grey 17-5104 and Illuminating (yellow) 13-0647

Yellow and grey have been crowned the colours of 2021. The choice is not random: it reflects the lifestyle and mood prevailing in the current situation.
The first one, yellow, is a symbol of the sun, its power and positive influence on people and our planet. It also connotes the light and hope. Yellow is the colour of sand and gold, which showcase our longing for nature, peace and prosperity.

Grey, on the other hand, was the definite 2020 colour for those who had to switch to the home office mode. Grey sweatpants had become the everyday essential – combined with an elegant top while on video calls or with cosy jumpers or grey hoodies on any other days. Greyness symbolises nature, stones and rocks that we associate with something stable and resilient; hence the popular expression “to be somebody’s rock”. They are the symbols of permanence and invincibility, as well as hope – even though we struggle with the new reality, there remain some “rocks”, permanent parts of our lives that we can always come back to.

The juxtaposition of these two colours stimulates our brains – energising yellow, which sometimes may be even irritating, softened by the soothing grey. However, the mix of these two colours yields balanced excitement and self-confidence.

These two colours can appear in our closures together or separately. Yellow is most often used on packaging for sun care products. It is a distinct symbol of the sun, holidays, and of course fun and carelessness. Putting yellow on other products may bring back the memories of those blissful times. It may also encourage the customers to choose such “holiday” products also in autumn or winter. It might be a nice getaway from gloomy days without sunlight when the amount of positive stimuli is limited. Since grey is stable, elegant, minimalistic and natural, when used in everyday products, it may evoke the sense of security and serve as the pillar of normalcy at these uncertain times.
Taking all of the above into consideration, even small details, thoughtfully designed with respect for colour symbolism and sensory stimulation, may be the key to successful sales. Most customers buy “packaging” and make decision right next to the store shelf. It is smart to make use of the deeper imagery that will sell our product and impress the customers. Product quality and appealing packaging will win you a regular customer and a devoted fan of your brand.