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Not check yet, but already MAT(T)E!

Although the summer, being the holiday leave period, is in full swing, we aren’t loafing around.
We have for you…
a beautiful
available on special order.

A mist sprayer in the unique matte version – M 661-01. The element which will refine each packaging. It's ideal for face and body care products, but also for interior perfumes, pet perfumes, as well as scented and refreshing body mists.
A traditional, often used, well-known and practical closure, which has gained a new look thanks to giving a matte finish to the matrix.
This small change has made it possible to add an air of freshness and modern elegance.
Dosage of 0.13 ml +/- 0.04 ml and 24/410 thread.
In addition, it can be manufactured in any color.
Our new mist sprayer owes its matte texture to a special matrix by means of which it’s shaped. Consequently, it's a very simple and relatively quick production method, and the ready-made product is already matte without additional processing.
Our catalog includes products manufactured by this method, D 315-01 lotion pump with 24/410 thread. It has a classic shape, is reliable, and thanks to the matte version looks much more refined than its smooth twin brother.
Another product is D 3402-01 foam pump with 28/400 thread, whose matte finish gives an impression of fine satin, and makes tactile experience more pleasant for persons with sensory issues.

The whole series with the matte finish!

If the matte finish is what you need in the whole product series, and the mist sprayer together with both lotion pumps isn’t enough... We have a solution!
Nearly each of the products we offer can become matte!
Making an inquiry, do ask our sales representatives about “spraying with the matte effect”!
It's a refining method which requires a little more commitment in the production process. Specifically, a ready-made product in the color ordered by the client is covered with a layer of varnish that gives it a matte finish.
Thanks to such an operation, we can have any closure with the matte or gloss finish. There may be plenty of variations of their use, some products from the day series closed with the gloss finish, and the night part with the matte one. The intensity of the skin care is differentiated by the packaging – delicate gloss, intensive matte!
Clients buy with their eyes and, as long as they can't verify whether a product will deliver the expected results, they are able to estimate that the packaging gives them the promise!
This promise should be expressed by the packaging, and conveyed in such a way that the consumer standing in front of a store shelf will understand it immediately, accept it, and want to check, if it can be fulfilled.

Sometimes a small change may lead to the wow effect!
which we’d like to invite you to try!