Packages and closures for packaging

New size, the same functions!

Last year we sold nearly two million such closures!
Although their shape is untypical, they are really popular!
What’s the secret of the M 623-01 mist sprayer with a clip?
Our rich offer features classic closures whose appearance and shape aren’t different from the regular image of the lotion pump or mist sprayer.
M 623-01 is different, as it has a long nozzle, clip put on the neck, and it breaks its own sales records month after month!
Until now, we offered it in six options, and today, in response to clients’ questions, we’ve added one more!
Consequently, we offer it with the following threads: 18/405, 18/410, 18/410 crc, 18/415, 20/410 and the most popular one – 24/410.
All of the above-mentioned products are available on special order, which means that they can be dyed in any color, enrichments can be added and the tube length can be chosen.

One of them – being the most popular, has even ended up in our regular distribution – it’s white, has the 24/410 thread and 135 mm FBOG tube.

Why is it such a hit?
The so-called pharmaceutical mist sprayer hasn’t become popular thanks to substances for cleaning ears, although it’s great for that too, but thanks to rub-on scalp products.
Scalp cosmetics are often used by female hair maniacs, but also person who struggle with excessive hair loss. Their effects can range from exfoliation to strengthening, but one thing must be common – they must be applied directly to the scalp.
Our mist sprayer with a long nozzle guarantees it. The hair remains dry, and the product is applied directly on the skin, where it affects it in accordance with its intended use.
The variety of the thread sizes on which they can be mounted offers plenty of opportunities for marketers, packaging designers and designers.

Apart from being effective, the rub-on product must stand out on the store shelf.
A tall and slender bottle with a subtle thread?
Or maybe the classic “boston round” with the 24/410 thread?
No problem – we’ll propose the most optimal solution!

White closure? Black? How about one of the 2390 colors from the Pantone palette?
Or maybe two-color ones?
Golden? Silver? Gold rose?
Let us know where your imagination has carried you!
Tell us what project you are dreaming about, and we’ll suggest the best solution!