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Natural, ecological and innovative cosmetics – current trend in cosmetic industry.

The value of global cosmetic market is growing every year. According to forecasts, it will reach almost 430 billion dollars by 2022. Due to changing trends and consumers’ preferences as well as growing competition, the dynamics of cosmetic market development is essential.   
Some of the most important factors of this process are certainly the above mentioned preferences and needs of consumers. Thanks to growing awareness, the customers are able to perfectly specify their needs. They know which product they are looking for and what its function should be. Being aware of their bodies and taking care of their health, the consumers are expecting the cosmetic product to complete their efforts and emphasize the effects. However, fulfilling this basic assumption is not enough. The conscious consumer reads and analyses the content of the product. It would be a paradox to follow a healthy lifestyle and use unverified cosmetics, full of chemical substances. Therefore, it is the natural cosmetics that are most desired. It is worth noting that cosmetic products made of natural ingredients require appropriate packaging. Such packaging must be made of material which is safe for the product. It must protect it from harmful external effects to preserve its valuable features.  
At the same time, the packaging should surprise with its functionality individually matched with a particular product but also emphasize the status of the consumer. Fulfilling all these requirements for the product and its package might seem to entail high costs of product implementation. Fortunately, large selection of solutions and constant changes within the production processes of cosmetic packaging provide many possibilities which enable the creation of satisfactory product fulfilling all the requirements at a reasonable price.
It is worth noting that due to big consumer awareness the customer knows that a valuable product must be related to higher price and is ready to bear the cost. It is connected not only with social changes, growing GDP or consumerism, but first of all with conscious and objective evaluation of value for money.
In Polpak Packaging, we have been putting efforts for years so that the product is satisfactory for everyone – the producers as well as end customers. We offer highest quality products which protect the cosmetics, are functional and comfortable to use, having at the same time unconventional and modern design. 
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