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Nail pumps

Nail pumps won the hearts of nail painting and decorating fans some time ago. For several years now, they have been appreciating the speed and convenience of nail pumps, whose greatest advantage is the fact that they can be handled with one hand. It's sufficient to put a swab of cotton wool to its top, press it, and the nail varnish remover will soak it up.
Not only home, but also professional makeup artists want to take advantage of this feature making life more convenient.

Nail pumps are a great idea for closing skin tonics, micellar waters or makeup remover lotions.     
Adding such a pump to a bottle with liquid is not only a great convenience, but also a guarantee that the product will not spill, if the bottle is accidentally knocked over.
Another advantage of nail pumps is the possibility of controlling the degree to which a swab of cotton wool is saturated. The amount of the product dispensed is determined by a single or multiple press of the pump.

Make haste slowly
Rest fast!

Our everyday life makes us live in haste and hurry. During cosmetic rituals we want to slow down a bit, but, on the other hand, it’s hard to get rid of the time pressure. We have a certain paradox here: we want to slow down, but, at the same time, not waste precious minutes, for example, handling awkward bottles.
A nail pump may be the answer to this paradox, because it's handy, convenient and allows soaking up a swab of cotton wool with one hand.

Naturally, it's also a perfect tool for work in beauty salons, when the time devoted to the client is strictly limited, every minute is precious, and it’s the treatment performed which requires care, rather than handling the necessary accessories.

An additional advantage of our nail pumps is that they can be dyed in any color. Their surface can have a matte or glossy finish.
It’s a small detail, but it will increase the value of the cosmetic, first on the drugstore shelf or in an online store as an eye-catching element, and later as a decoration of the beauty salon or home dressing table.

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