Packages and closures for packaging

Mist sprayers, when should they be allowed to go first, and when left behind?

Mist sprayers, as a majority of elements of packaging have to play several roles. They should mostly be functional and adjusted to the medium. Depending, however, on the type of a cosmetic they should be either discreet and almost invisible or play the main part and fulfil decorative and marketing functions. How and when should they be given priority, and when left behind?
A perfume mist sprayers, beautifully bringing into one's mind a fancy or elegant bottle, discreetly complements the entire work. Designers, especially those creating for renowned and expensive brands strive to make fragrance bottles look like little masterpieces. In such a set, the atomizer should be so subtle so as not to distort the concept of the designer. Its sole function in this composition should be reliability. Joy and delight on seeing a beautiful bottle and even the most wonderful scent will not last long – in case of emergency dosing.
Perfume mist sprayers dedicated to EDTs and EDPs are available in our offer!
When we look at e.g. refreshing mists, thermal waters or sunscreen oils the mist sprayers itself may - and very often is - an additional adornment.  The combination of a transparent or an amber-coloured see-through bottle with a gold atomizer in summer cosmetics will enhance their character.
A product so standing out won't be missed during the packing of a vacation suitcase.
Packaging and its components are also the main features of a brand. Entire lines of cosmetics are visually coherent, while in order to highlight single products certain parts of the packaging are given distinct colouring.
An ideal example may be hair cosmetics.
In the case of conditioners for hair of varied porosity or colour, or products of specific features, we may use the same bottles, different labels and colours of mist sprayers adjusted to the characteristics. Colours were given specific meanings, since humans found that art can be an expression of emotions, faith or simply a representation of reality. The symbolism of colour interpreted in, for instance, Medieval paintings varies from the contemporary one.
Creators of hair care packaging, when playing with colour, wish to reflect the features of a cosmetic and assume that brunettes will quicker turn their attention to darks. For blondes lighter colours, and even violets will be more appealing – promising to remove yellowish tones from dyed hair.
As it comes to our 'tailor made” mist sprayers, the colour usually does not generate any additional costs and it does not extend the waiting time for completing an order either, while indeed you can have some great fun here, since there is basically the whole Pantone sample set at your disposal! Let's play with colours!

Another group of mist sprayers are those dedicated for special tasks, namely pharmaceutical sprays, although they may be used both in a pharmacy and far beyond.
As far as sprays for 'nose' preparations are characterized by their shape and manner of application to which it is hard to find another intended use, those atomizers which initially were assumed as 'ear' pharmaceuticals are mainly aimed to serve other, varied purposes, and they serve them well! Nomen omen, 'aim” is the key word here, since this type of mist sprayers, owing to their nozzle extending to the side, is the perfect tool for precise application.
Apart from the inner ear, the target can be the throat and the oral cavity, but also the scalp.
Recently popular rub-in treatments for the skin on your head, owing to this closure became much more comfortable in application, which we talked about here.

The principle of a fail-safe operation must apply at all times, irrespectively of a cosmetic and a spray type. 'Less is more” is not only a way to elegant simplicity, but a bow towards ecology as well. The less ornaments, the simpler the packaging, the easier it is to recycle. Among the sprays available in our permanent distribution such closures are also in stock.
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