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Made for each other – how to choose the packaging for a cosmetic product?

We observe a more and more developing trend of individualism in the cosmetic industry.
Most of the cosmetics have particular application and designation. Their formulas are specifically composed so that the properties of all ingredients are oriented towards solving a specific skin problem.  Thanks to this, the consumers have the possibility to buy exactly what they are looking for.
It is worth noting that such cosmetics should have suitable packaging. Such packaging should, first of all guarantee safety to the cosmetic substance to maintain all the properties of the product. However, this is no longer sufficient. A modern, functional packaging should also match the cosmetic product technically. A good example can be cosmetics for local application such as anti-wrinkle creams, creams for skin discolorations or for acne. In such case, a great example can be the “spot” airless packaging, equipped with special applicators which enable precise and hygienic application of the product.
You will find in our offer a large selection of packaging dedicated to cosmetic products with specific purpose. Do not hesitate to contact us. You can read more about innovative packaging solutions of Polpak Packaging in the latest issue of Packaging Poland.
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