Packages and closures for packaging

Longer lead times for orders made between 6 November and 6 March 2020.

The annual factory closedown is close by!
Special order products with longer lead times!

Products from our standard stock are as always available off-the-shelf. After completing the order formalities we deliver the products within 3 days.

Production break is scheduled 13 January – 6 February 2020. The period before the shutdown is very intense: increased production, operating at full capacity and cumulation of orders made well in advance. After the break the factory will complete orders that flowed in during and after the closedown.

It’s a logistic challenge not only for the factory team, but also for us. We will use our best efforts to make sure you, our clients, don’t feel any holdbacks, your deliveries arrive on time and your production goes at a steady pace.

Please verify your current stocks, analyse planned production and demand for our products for February – May 2020 and send us complete schedules until 5 November.

If you send us such schedules, we will take responsibility for securing products for specific dates. We also recommend contacting your customer service consultants. They will give you full information, assist you in planning, and
book production dates

Nevertheless, if in the period between 6.11.2019-6.03.2020 you will have to make order outside of schedule, the completion time will be much longer:
-    19 – 24 weeks for products with aluminium and/or metallisation, dispensers with dosage above 2 ml, cosmetic packaging (e.g. airless, jars)
-    18 – 22 weeks for other closures/packaging.

Feel free to contact us.
We are convinced that thanks to our joint commitment and our company’s supervision over your orders, the longer lead times will pass by unnoticed.