Packages and closures for packaging

Impress your customer with… your packaging!

We all love looking at beautiful, aesthetically pleasing objects that are a feast for the eyes and food for the soul. Wonderful landscapes, marvellous pieces of art, or breathtaking buildings - once seen, they stay in our memory for years. A short glimpse is often enough for an object we see to invoke a positive or negative emotion in us. This is true for every aspect of our everyday lives - including such simple activities as shopping.
When we look at the product we can usually say if we like it or not, if it piques our curiosity or leaves us indifferent. If the first impression is favourable, we reach for the product and we often take a moment to have a closer look at it.

It’s now high time we finally asked the question: what should the perfect packaging be like so that it will always make a good first impression and entice the consumer to part with their cash?
First, the colours. They can convey unbelievable amounts of information. They communicate the values of the brand, reflect them and are key components of the brand's visual identification. Repeatability of the brand colours is meant to be a guarantee of consistent product quality and uniform standards. In addition, colours can show the product's characteristics and suggest their recommended purpose and use. The choice of colour combination can also help define the target group of customers the product is intended for. Numerous studies on the colours used in product packaging and their impact on consumers prove that colour is an aspect of paramount importance, which is why manufacturers are often so precise in selecting the colours for their product packaging, trying to convey as much information through the colours as possible.
Second, detailed product information. Growing consumer awareness makes most buyers look closely at the details provided on the packaging of the product that just caught their attention. Reading through the list of ingredients and the description of the product is an important second step in the product evaluation process. The customer will often check if the product has been tested on animals and if it is environmentally friendly. Certificates or awards, often mentioned on the packaging, are a bonus. All the remaining bits of information - such as the net volume, expiry date and manufacturer’s details - complete the picture.

One may assume that a product that passes both those evaluation steps successfully will most likely be bought by the consumer. And this takes us to the next stage in the product’s life - its use. Here, as well, the role of packaging cannot be underestimated – but that, however, is a topic for another article.

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