Packages and closures for packaging

How to save, stopping in front of a waste bin...

Saving cosmetics in an art which requires tactics and finesse, just like saving money or time.
So what can be done to make most of each drop of the favorite face cream of lipstick?
First of all, you have to be like a true detective. Sometimes what seems to be an empty bottle still hides a lot of the cosmetic treasure. Squeezing packaging to the last drop can be a challenge, but it's worth getting used to it, because whenever a drop of liquid flows out of seemingly empty packaging, the savings are on the rise!
Another trick is skillful dispensing. Lots of people have a tendency to use cosmetics excessively, as they think that the more, the better. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes just a bit is sufficient to achieve the desirable effect. For this reason, it’s a good idea to learn to limit the amount of the products used to the minimum, which doesn't only save cosmetics, but also money.
As early as at the stage of buying the product, we should view it in terms of emptying it out to the last drop.
An airless bottle or dropper are perfect types of packaging, and will make beautiful, clean waste, and the whole cosmetic will be used up. Focusing on saving money and planet, we can’t become less vigilant at any stage of our operation.
Most cosmetic companies take into account the “eco-design”, so we should check whether our favorite one has already done it.
Nowadays, brands’ communication with clients is simpler than ever, which is why it’s a good idea to send a private message on Instagram or TikTok, saying “Hey, I can’t squeeze out the last drop from this packaging, and I’d really like to do it! How about changing the packaging?”
Last but not least, we can't forget about packaging care. Sometimes it’s not just the content itself, but bad treatment of the packaging that makes products use up faster. Always keep it closed, avoid extreme temperatures and maintain hygiene, and it will serve you longer.
What may be crucial apart from the above-mentioned tricks is to go through the bathroom stocks on a regular basis. Sometimes we forget about what we already have, and keep buying new cosmetic products without thinking. That's why it’s a good idea to look through our stocks on a regular basis, checking expiry dates and conditions of the cosmetics we have.
Saving cosmetics is simply an art of using resources in the most effective way. Just like in life – you have to be resourceful and creative to always come out on top, even when it comes to a drop of your favorite cream or a pack of colorful lipstick.
It’s also worth emphasizing that using up cosmetics before we buy new ones not only saves money, but is also really environmentally friendly. Really empty packaging may be recycled, whereas packaging which is half-full often ends up in mixed waste, which is inconsistent with the principles of circular economy.
Circular economy is a bit like an environmental masterpiece. In a nutshell, it's a strategy whose aim is to ensure that our waste doesn’t end up on landfills or in incinerators, but returns to the circulation as recyclable materials. It’s an art of taking care of the environment, where waste segregation, recycling and minimizing the amount of trash thrown away play the leading role.
Circular economy is more than just a waste management system. It's an idea whose ultimate aim is to make us stop treating the environment as a place where we simply throw out things we don’t need, but rather as a place we can create together, taking care of it, as well as using its resources in a wise and sustainable manner. It’s a life philosophy which tells us: “Waste isn’t the end of the road, but a new beginning”.
Dealing with one’s own resources sensibly is also an environmentally friendly approach.