Packages and closures for packaging

How to design packaging for children?

Beauty industry responds to the existing market needs or comes up with new ones. Sometimes we can see a product that we had no idea existed, and we suddenly feel the irresistible urge to buy it. As far as mature consumers are able to cool down and rationalize such reactions, study the composition/ingredients and packaging type, and make sure if they really need it, children more often make decisions on a whim.
Purchase decision are made by consumers as young as 3 or 4 years old! They are the main target groups of the online or TV ads played during the cartoons. Kids are also more susceptible to the store displays or creative points of sale.
From the marketing point of view, members of this target group are especially important as they soon become teenagers and then adults who might stick with the brand they got used to. The best example of the effective marketing policies are techniques developed by McDonald’s. Happy meals with toys, mini-playgrounds next to the restaurants or even inside of them, as well as children’s birthday parties, create strong, long-lasting and positive associations with the brand.

Cosmetic industry starts to explore the pool of the youngest consumers (3–7-year- olds)
It is nothing new to see shower gels, toothpastes or brushes with characters from the popular animated movies. When manufacturers figured all Elsa fans would love to smell just like her, they even started selling perfumes for kids.
Today, the offer for the youngest consumers also includes detangling hair conditioners or shampoos, face foams or intimate hygiene gels.
The biggest challenge is to come up with formulas that would not irritate sensitive skin and be effective.
The second challenge is the packaging design. The label might be neutral or flashy – there are no rules or limits. The main thing is to make the packaging and closure fully functional.

When choosing the closures, the producers must consider some factors which are a little different than those for cosmetics for adult consumers.
On one hand, the mechanism should be just right for small, clumsy hands, so that the children can use the product on their own. On the other hand, if the cap is too easy to open, little hands might empty the whole bottle at once. In order to strike a happy medium we have to design a closure with an easy dosing system and a cap which is difficult to completely remove.

Pumps and mini triggers with secret child-proof locks

If we choosemini triggers for the above mentioned detangling hair conditioners, we can be sure our little hair maniacs will have no problem with applying the product. Moreover, mini triggers have a hidden function – they can be blocked. If a child is not aware of this secret detail, he or she will probably not know how to unlock it. In sum – when the detangling process is over and there is enough product in the hair, mom or dad can lock the mini trigger and make sure the child does not use it again.
Similar magic tricks can be done with pumps. If we don’t want our kids to “overuse” the product, we only have to turn the pump head to the “locked” position.
However, we have to bear in mind the fact that all mysteries may be solved, especially by children who are champions in opening unopenable things. Hence, it is always better to keep an eye on our babies, as well as cosmetics.

Foam of happiness
Foams have a really good press – kids associate them with bathing and soap bubbles. Famous marshmallows also call to mind many fond and delicious memories. Foam is amusing, light and tasty! It would not be risky to say that all children love it.
Our foam pumps will be a great solution for foamy products!
May your hand, face or even body foams feel the love of the youngest consumers!
This solution is child-friendly and poses no danger of pouring the whole product out of the bottle. However, after the successful beauty ritual it is best to cover the pump (if there is a cap) and hide it away from the foam fans.

Other closures that would be loved by our young customers, and economically appreciated by their parents, are classicdisc top caps.
Although they are not innovative nor certified as “child-proof”, these closures could prove great for kindergarteners. While the opening might involve help from parents, the bottle can be easily closed, whether intentionally or not.

Chic bottle with a pump and a product developed for young skin.
Little girls always want to grow up and be like mom. Since high-heeled shoes and cosmetics are synonymous with maturity, they often get “stolen” and tried on or tested. Thus, it would be a good idea to offer our young customers face creams in identical packaging as their moms’.
Cosmetic pumps might be the best solution to make it happen. Our little beauty queens will not only be proud to copy their moms’ skin care rituals, but also to use virtually identical cosmetics.
Beside the mentioned creams, cosmetic pumps also guarantee easy application of, for instance, mosquito bite anti-itch formulas. Thanks to the small 0.2 ml dose the product will surely last long.

Our closures have long served consumers of all ages. Properly chosen packaging and closures can do marketing wonders for your business. Sales success depends on high quality of the cosmetics, functional and user-friendly closures, bottles, and finally labels.