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Heat shrink film – transparent link in the packaging elements chain

We have frequently written about the packaging and its roles.
One of it is most important functions is to protect the product against external factors - at all stages, starting with the transport and ending with the consumer use.
Since the Polpak Packaging department now also offers polyolefin shrink film (also called shrink wrap), we are able to not only deliver perfect packaging closures and complete cosmetic packaging, but also become the next chain in securing our Customers’ products.

What is polyolefin heat shrink film?
Polyolefin is a polymer built only from carbon and hydrogen. Its chemical composition makes it fully recyclable. Its burning does not produce any toxic substances, whereas its energy efficiency is comparable with that of carbon. During the thermal processing of the PVC film the machine operator is exposed to harmful hydrogen chloride fumes. Polyolefin film does not pose such threats.
When used as an outer protection of a product, our film is truly multi-functional - and it’s all thanks to its special physicochemical properties.

No more blind buys!
Regardless of what you sell - frozen pizza, eggs, computer mice or cosmetic sets, your customers want to see what they are buying. Most of us are not fond of the so-called blind buying and don’t need the extra adrenaline rush of not knowing what’s in the bag. Then let them see your packaged product. Permanent shrink wrapping is also a guarantee that the product has not been previously used. The shrink film also protects the food from coming in contact with the interior of the collective packaging and blocks direct contact with the store employees.
Polyolefin shrink film is highly transparent. Tests with the spectrophotocolorimeter proved its clarity is 94%, whereas its opacity is only 3.8%. If we take for example window glass of medium thickness, its clarity is similar, but when we take two window glasses it is already ca. 91%. It gives us a more illustrative perspective on how transparent polyolefin really is. High transparency film is great for single products since they are not only protected, but also visually exposed.

Two-way barrier capacity!
Products wrapped in polyolefin film preserve their smell and/or moisture. Fresh vegetables or aromatic seasonings won’t lose their rich bouquet or any other properties through their whole shelf life.
However, there are goods for which such high airtightness may be deadly. Film wrapped on 30 eggs would literally boil them. Hence, for such special products we offer perforated shrink film. Its pre-cut micro-pores let the products “breathe”. The perforation does not influence the film’s protective properties or its seal strength.
Polyolefin is not only resistant to water, but also to salt, acid solutions, acid, lye, base, alcohol and petrol solutions.

Christmas sets and more
Time before Christmas is always pretty hectic for cosmetics or sweets producers who pack their products in gift sets. Extra protection of the shrink film keeps the elements in place. Packing sweets or other food products only in polyolefin film is a good idea to catch the customer’s eye.

Low temperature and short heating time is a guarantee that the products won’t be exposed to harmful factors.
Wrapping already prepared elements with transparent film means there is no need for the external labelling of the set. The description from the original product label is visible from underneath the film. We only need to add the barcode with a new price.
Polyolefin shrink film also boosts the general look of the product. Beside its physicochemical properties it gives the product an elegant finishing touch which will make it stand out on the shelf and attract consumers.

Spanish production, European quality!

Our polyolefin shrink film is manufactured in Spain, which does not only ensure the highest quality and compliance with EU standards, but also short lead times. It does not take more than three weeks to deliver the confirmed order to our customer’s doors. If the customer chooses regular collections we guarantee storage service in Warsaw.
Then the delivery in Poland takes 2-3 days.

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