Packages and closures for packaging

For pets? Or for owners?

Although our closures reign supreme among human skin care cosmetics, they also thrive in the animal kingdom.
Each owner of a pet knows perfectly well how demanding it is to take care of it.
In fact, cats take care of their hygiene themselves, but they often need help too. Dogs, however, definitely need human assistance in necessary ablutions.
So if we have to bath our dog or cat, apply cosmetics to its skin, take care of the ears and eyes, or reach the area in the paws, our closures will fit the bill.

Our aim is to make sure you feel comfortable while taking care of your little friends’ health and comfort. We know perfectly well that not each pet likes undergoing hygiene and care treatments, which is why the selection of quick-to-use and handy packaging is crucial.

The lotion pump or disc-top?

Shampoos can be closed in two ways. Let's think about the target group. If it’s a small dog that requires a small amount of shampoo, then the lotion pump will be a great solution. However, if we have to face the challenge of cleaning a German Shepherd, it will be easier to pour shampoo directly from the bottle, and, consequently, the disc-top will be more handy!

The ears, paws, neck... a mist sprayer with a long nozzle!
Hitting precisely the place that requires care is quite a challenge, in particular, if our patient is exceptionally lively and unwilling to cooperate. Making the whole procedure easier for the concerned owner, we should provide them with a precise tool in the form of our pharmaceutical mist sprayers.
We have three options in this product group – mist sprayers with a long, straight end directed ahead or with a nozzle directed to the side – a longer or shorter one.
Taking advantage of such closures ensures convenience in use, but also minimizes product loss during the application in difficult conditions, and guarantees that the treatment or care product ends up in the place that needs it.

Our pet’s “smile” is the best “stress buster”.
A dog can express its joy with a wagging tail, a look, a hug, but, best of all, with a healthy smile!
We should take care of teeth not only for esthetic reasons, but, first and foremost, for health ones. A toothpaste can be closed with Airless packaging. Our offer includes over 70 types of such packaging solutions. Apart from differences in capacities, shapes and materials they are made of, what distinguishes them is the dosage. While cleaning small animals’ teeth, we need to pay particular attention to not use too much paste. Airless packaging has a precisely defined dosage, thanks to which it's a perfect solution for such tasks.

Mini triggers to mark the territory!
Although we treat our four-legged friends as family members, talk to them and know that they understand us, we can’t forget that they are still animals. Our dog or cat has wildness in its genes, the need to mark its territory with its smell, to attract or repel others with its pheromones. If too much of that smell accumulates in the apartment, it can become repulsive even to those it shouldn’t put off.
Trigger sprayers or mini triggers are a perfect idea for closing products neutralizing smells.
It’s also a good idea to have them in the vicinity of the cat's litter tray!

Mist sprayers for special tasks!

A dry shampoo, a spray helping comb or shine the coat, or perhaps a remedy to eliminate itching or relieve stress for your pet? We’ll close this and many other products with our sprayers, which create a perfect mist! Is one dosage enough? Maybe a bigger amount of the product should be used in the places which need it? It’s up to the owner!
The dropper for the paws and nose!
Not only the human skin is at risk of drying up! If the dog's or cat’s paws or nose need to be moisturized or greased, the preparation in the dropper will be a great idea.

What's crucial in this, as in all of the above-mentioned examples of products as well as closures and packaging selected for them, is the comfort and precision of the application and dosage.
Pet products end up in different weight categories, so it’s the owner who must be able to decide and know that only one drop of coat shine agent is enough for the coat of a Pekingese, but a Pointer needs four drops, whereas a Harlequin Great Dane... larger packaging