Packages and closures for packaging

Foam and universal trigger sprayers are your best cleaning buddies!

Our offer includes a wide selection of foam and universal trigger sprayers dedicated for detergents.
The very first product that comes to our minds when we think of a trigger sprayer is of course a window cleaner. It is used in households, offices and other public service places. Lately, the store shelves have been stocked with more and more different products closed in trigger sprayers.
Since liquid detergents with trigger sprayers can be easily applied onto a cleaned surface, they are loved by the consumers. The manufacturers react to this trend by developing more and more products for this type of packaging. Apart from window, sink or bathroom cleaners, the stores also offer cook top or computer screen cleaners, rust removers, decalcifiers, degreasers, as well as carpet stain removers, headstone cleaners or moss killers.
Cars and most of their parts also need thorough and relatively precise cleaning products application – starting from rims, through windows and ending up on cockpit.
Trigger sprayers are the most potent weapons of the garden and florist industries. Without the handy sprayers the application of plant foods onto the leaves would definitely not be so easy and pleasant.

Why is spritzing so much fun?
Some 30-40 years ago detergents were manufactured as concentrates which had to be diluted in water. Therefore, the cleaning procedure required a good deal of preparation. We had to get a basin and at least one cloth, and then rinse it and dry it afterwards. Basically, we had to clean after cleaning. If we wanted to wipe even the smallest surface, it was more trouble than it was worth.
Because of these obstacles and complicated procedures our moms and grandmas were very reverent and meticulous about house cleaning that took them long days.
Today, handy sprayers and paper towels make it possible to clean without stirring up a house revolution. The procedure of wiping a dirty surface takes a few seconds. Cleaning has become very comfortable: just spray the detergent onto the surface, wait for it to work and wipe it or rinse with water. And that’s it!
We all wish to forget about the “ancient” cleaning pastes for bathtubs or shower bases which smelled rather unbearably, while their application took much time and required powerful scrubbing. Nowadays we just need to spray it, wait a little and wipe it.
Eco-trend in reusable plastic

Since the trigger sprayer bottles have a longer life cycle than the product put inside of them, there are two ways to use them again.
The first easy idea is to simply refill them. We can go to a store and find the same product in doypacks (stand-up pouches) or simple, capped bottles. Once we have the detergent, we can pour it into our old bottle with the trigger sprayer or take the cap off the new bottle and replace it with the trigger sprayer.
Another idea is to prepare homemade detergents. The Internet is full of recipes for solutions made from vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. Self-taught eco-enthusiasts along with educated chemists develop natural, eco-friendly formulas which can be made from easily available products.
Regardless of the ingredients and their source, in order to mix and apply our “potion”, we need a bottle with a sprayer. In order to reduce waste, it is best to use the packaging which has already been manufactured. Re-use is one of the rules of the sustainable waste management!

Make demands! Reduce your choice!

For all these types of application and many more, which we did not mention, we offer a wide range of simple, as well as more advanced solutions.
The design, shape and colour selection is just head-spinning.
To make the choice easier, it is best to carefully study the offer, analyse the head ergonomics, trigger length vs. bottle type, as well as the marketing goal.
It is important to define whether the product needs a spray or foam nozzle, or a spray-foam nozzle.
We also need to consider the bottle material. Our standard offer includes ‘all-plastic’ trigger sprayers. It means they are made from 100% plastic which means two, very important advantages. Firstly, the recycling of all-plastic packaging is simple and very efficient. Secondly, it can be used for detergents which corrode or deposit on metal elements, as it is the case with products with many natural ingredients.
Once all functionalities have been chosen and all requirements have been met, we can focus on the customer attraction strategy.
One of the roles of the industrial design is ergonomics. Everyday use accessories should be handy and functional. The customer needs to be sure the product will function as it should and it will be easy to use. The trigger length and head shape should fit the shape of the hand and chosen bottle, which will guarantee user-friendliness.

We do our best to make sure the consumers are fully satisfied with our sprayers and we always recommend the best possible solutions for our Customers’ products.