Packages and closures for packaging

Does all packaging have the chance of a second life?

The subject of environmental protection and the fight to reduce rubbish are both regularly seen, including in our articles. The search is still ongoing for solutions in the field of closures for general packaging as well as cosmetics packaging, ones which would be made of natural materials and biodegrade. Unfortunately, for now, the market is not able to offer such products.

These difficulties result, among other things, from the number of functions that packaging and closures meet. Being very much integrated with the product, they must provide it with protection while remaining indifferent to the medium. Until these issues are resolved, it is difficult to imagine eco-friendly packaging. Is that the end of the matter? Well, no. There is a way out that can at least temporarily help reduce waste including that generated by the household chemicals and cosmetics industries. We’re talking about recycling. The possibility of processing a given material and using it to produce other products seems to be the ideal solution, one that takes into consideration not only environmental protection, but also economic factors, amongst other things.

Most plastics found in closures and cosmetics packaging can be recycled and re-used. This also applies to more complex structures, such as the mechanisms of dispensers, atomizers, etc., which are composed of various elements made of various materials. In their case, it is vital to dismantle such a product and put each element in the appropriate waste group. There are also materials for which the processing is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than its original production. Aluminium is one such raw material. Of course, a processed material also has its drawbacks. Often you cannot achieve the desired colour, and its traits and structure change, but it still remains a material that fulfils its basic role. In such cases, recyclability and related environmental benefits are definitely the overriding consideration. And this is reflected in current industry trends, which are very much focused on all the possible ways of protecting the environment and caring for it.

To help you make the right choices, we have decided to highlight products in our range that can be recycled and reused. Although, in fact, every product we sell can be recycled after dismantling, the ones selected feature a small range of different materials or are even made of only one type of material.

Please, check out our recyclable products here and feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions.