Packages and closures for packaging

Big possibilities of a small packaging closure.

Among the whole range of packaging closures, the caps deserve attention.  They can be a very good solution for many products from chemical or cosmetic industry. These seemingly modest closures, when chosen properly to the type of medium and adjusted in terms of colour,  can be a perfect completion of a project .  
Disc-top caps are closures which find application, among others, in cosmetic industry. They prove very useful in application of face care cosmetics (cleansing milk, toner, micellar fluid), hair products (shampoo, conditioner) but also body care products (lotion, shower gel). Mobile disc (placed on the top part of the closure) makes the application comfortable and provides proper protection for the product, providing it from leaking or drying. Flip-top closures have similar application. They are often used for bath products, such as body oils. It is worth stressing that this type of packaging is used more and more often in food products. Olive oil or balsamic vinegar in bottles with disc-top or flip-top closures can be found in many shops as they enjoy growing interest of the consumers.

Push-pull closures also deserve attention. They can be found mostly in such products as dish soap . The upper part of the closure, push-pull dispenser,  enables quick unlocking and comfortable application of the medium. Aluminium closures, which can be used for various types of loose products, such as large-grained bath salts, are more and more popular.

Big diversity enables the producer to choose the closure which will fulfil all the requirements. The possibility of colouring and decorating makes a seemingly simple closure an exceptional finishing of the whole package.

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