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All-plastic lotion pump – a new product on the offer! D 351-01 with the 24/410 and 28/410 thread, and a smooth cap!

D 351-01 with the 24/410 and 28/410 thread, and a smooth cap
Is more plastic a recipe for less plastic?
Although it may sound illogical, in certain cases such an approach may help reduce the amount of waste in landfills, and increase the percentage of products that are recyclable and thus returned for reuse.
The new lotion pumps are recommended for cosmetic products, especially for natural cosmetics.
Not only does the lotion pump lack the metal spring, but also its construction has been built in the “no contact” system. This ensures that the mechanism does not come into contact with the medium, and, thanks to it, natural ingredients won’t form a deposit on its components. Such a deposit appears, when the metal comes into contact with tannins, present in natural products. It’s neither a defect, nor a harmful reaction, but it may be an unesthetic visual effect disturbing the consumer.
The application of the all-plastic mechanism, which doesn’t contain metal elements and come into the contact with the medium, allows avoiding such esthetic deficiencies.

All-plastic also takes into account recyclers!
In our classic lotion pumps, the system features, among other things, a steel spring and glass ball.
There are recycling stations that use advanced technologies featuring neodymium magnets, by means of which metal elements are removed from the cut plastic mass, and, at a later stage of the cleaning process, they use methods, for example, ones based on electrostatics, so that glass dirt can be eliminated. Using such solutions extends the recycling line with the subsequent modules, which increases the financial outlays on the original investment project and its everyday operation at a later stage. An extended line also involves a longer period for processing the individual waste batches.
Technological attempts at developing a lotion pump manufactured only from plastic have been made at our company for almost a year.
Each material the human being uses to construct the world has specific properties. Although, for some time now, everybody has wanted to give up on plastic and been looking for alternatives, we, against that trend, have been trying to use plastic instead of steel and glass.
We have succeeded, but have to admit that the steel spring, used in small lotion pump mechanisms, is much more durable and elastic than its plastic replacement.
For those reasons, we’ll make our clients sensitive to methods of packaging and transportation of ready-made products closed with the new all-plastic lotion pump.
At the moment, our offer includes the D 351-01 lotion pump with the 24/410 and 28/410 thread, with a smooth cap, which can be dyed in any color.
Our sales staff will be really pleased to present an offer for our new lotion pumps, and hand over samples of our new all plastic lotion pump for tests!