Packages and closures for packaging

A small element, a big change.

Planning cosmetic packaging, manufacturers need to pay attention to every detail.
Our task is to have all details on the offer, inform them, and address the needs of our clients’ customers.

Consequently, we are presenting a new product today!
A reducer for a bottle closed with a dropper.

What does it do?

In a nutshell, it cleans the dropper’s tube when its taken out of the bottle.
The reducer is compatible with our bottles* – its diameter fits perfectly their necks; and droppers ** – its internal diameter matches the tube’s external one.
The liquid remains inside the tube, rather than on its walls, and the excess inside the bottle.

Why does it do it?

For comfort, for esthetics, for precision of dispensing.

Droppers started to get out of pharmacies as early as a few years ago, and more and more often ended up on chemist’s shelves.
Manufacturers choose this type of packaging for cosmetics which should be dispensed in small quantities.
Droppers have also proved to be a perfect solution for thick oils which are difficult to be dispensed by means of classic lotion pumps or mist sprayers.

Clients’ hearts have, undoubtedly, been stolen by droppers.  
In their case, the comfort of use, appearance and precision of dispensing are invaluable and, in fact, can’t be achieved by any other closure.

However, one problem appeared. A significant amount of the product remained on the tube’s external wall.
It affected the esthetics and precision of dispensing, i.e. the two top advantages of the dropper.

A reducer for a dropper is an independent product!
If you already have a bottle and dropper, you can order a reducer to make a complete set.
If you are about to order our bottles and droppers, we’d like to remind you of this small element.

*BT 501, 502, 503, 504 with the 18/410 screw
**DR 701-01, DR 701-02